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The tapestry will be better to go with my new castle …?

the walls are white Italian marble with gold leaf desires of wood?

As an interior designer, I suggest choosing something similar as your castle. If this is the architecture of Italian style, then you want to get something that is about Italy, say an Italian villa or a vineyard in Tuscany, perhaps a tapestry with a palace Italian piazza, or gazebo. Or, if pictorial tapestries are not your thing, try going with something abstract-geometric or even using a carpet for works of mural art. Just take it to someone in the furniture company who can fashion in Art Hanging. You will need to get the required and put it on loop for hanging.

Choose materials (Aka pole suspended) that works with the Italian style, with special attention to the style of the finial to bring out the style you are going for. If Italy is not your style architecture, to take these tips to improve and what works with the style of your site. If in the European architecture (British or French manor castle for example), a good day is a tapestry of a good life even with bright flowers in a beautiful urn-like vase. I just saw one recently in my catalog I thought browsing was exquisite, but I do not know where you are writing from, so you may not be able to reach the catalog where you are. Another favorite is a home cottage along some small stream that merge into a flourishing garden and meadow country scene or a café / bistro scene would be working for the European and Italian types.

Not knowing much about you, your home or your tastes, it is difficult to really identify any particular job or a style. Since you said your walls are white and have wood carvings with gold leaf, you’ll want to maintain a system of harmonious design choosing a tapestry and equipment of the same caliber as your home currency (ie, an expensive, High Quality wallpaper). Maintain quality will cost more, but it will work better with the overall cost of your air space. Try to look at the size of the wallpaper you choose, too. Too small and your wall will engulf the master. Too big and it will swallow up the wall. As for the color scheme, white and assuming that the gold leaf are all you have anything in the room beside you choose the color-wise not work, either floral, landscape, abstract or geometric. Just choose a style of tapestry and colors you like and can live with, and you should do just fine. Choose new accessories for my room is always the best part my experience of decoration. I hope it will for you too. My best to you.

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