Fast Acting Effortless to Do Natural Cures for Hemorrhoids Within your Reach

If you are addressing hemorrhoids, you may want to try natural cures first before anything else. Inexpensive and widely available, several of these natural cures for hemorrhoids are as close to you as your kitchen. These natural cures work by strengthening the veins in your anal area, so not only does it help you with hemorrhoids right this moment but it will help you well into the future.

It makes sense, then, to try out hemorrhoid cures that are natural, one time at least, so that you may experience the benefits they offer. These cures for hemorrhoids are sure to work very effectively, so give them a go.

Cranberry Poultice

Mix four teaspoons of cranberries with a blender, making a smooth paste that you can use. Put 1 tbsp. of the paste in cheese cloth, wrap it up, and set it for one hour to the anus. A small pair of underpants shall help to keep the poultice in place. If your pain keeps going, you can repeat this process.

Onion & Garlic Suppository

Garlic and Onion, this will be a suppository made from garlic and onion, each of which will assist to kill bacteria and strengthen veins in the anal area. You should place this suppository into the rectum before bed. You will need to cut a piece of onion to a similar size as a clove of garlic. You should also be sure to peel the garlic clove. And then insert them together. When you experience a bowel movement in the morning, the suppository could be passed along with it. If your hemorrhoids are bleeding, you should not attempt to use this remedy.

Almond and Geranium Oil

This concoction will cool the affected area while killing any bacteria and germs. This could also cut down on strain during bowel movements. Also, before bedtime, set some of the blended oil on your fingers and rub over the affected area.

Lemon Juice

Please do not set this hemorrhoids cure on the surface of the skin. Fortunately, all you are asked to do to take this remedy is to drink it! Put 1/2 liter of water in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Cut a lemon in four parts (do not remove the skin) and let them boil in the water for approximately 15 minutes. Allow it to cool before consuming it. Drink one cup a day.

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