Body Lift

A body lift in Boston, sometimes called a “belt lipectomy,” is designed for the patient who has achieved massive weight loss. The body lift procedure is basically a surgical removal of excess skin – the belt of loose skin – that is commonly present on the lower body of these patients.

Is a Body Lift Surgery Right for You?

If you have lost a significant amount of weight and now carry excess skin on the thighs, buttocks, hips or abdomen, this procedure may be the right solution for you. Redundant skin can cause problems such as irritation, infection, hygiene issues, as well as cosmetic concerns.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Howrigan if you are bothered by such problems, so she can help you determine if the body lift in Boston will meet your needs.

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What to Expect During a Body Lift in Boston

Dr. Howrigan may recommend doing your body lift procedure in stages or in a single operation. A single operation requires anywhere from 2-5 hours under general anesthesia. Antibiotics may be administered both before and after the operation.

During a body lift procedure in Boston, surgical incisions are placed in natural folds of skin to minimize visibility. Working in a circumferential fashion on the body, Boston plastic surgeon Dr. Howrigan removes and lifts loose skin to improve body contours. Along with surgical techniques to tighten the skin, liposuction in Boston is often necessary as well to remove excess fat in localized areas.

After a Body Lift in Boston: Post-Operative Steps

Dr. Howrigan will provide specific instructions for you after your body lift surgery, which should be followed closely. When the surgery is complete, she will carefully close the incisions with sutures and then cover them with gauze and tape.

Surgical drains are often used, which are usually removed within the first week. Total recovery time varies but could require as long as 6 weeks. During that time, the doctor will advise you to wear an elastic compression garment and limit your physical activities. Patients are advised to walk following surgery.

More Questions About Body Lift Boston (Belt Lipectomy

What questions do you have about the body lift in Boston? Please see our page on post-bariatric body contouring. To get more information from one of the top plastic surgeons in the Boston area, contact the office of Peggy Howrigan M.D. or email us to schedule a personal consultation!

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